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Infinity Oncology Solutions is passionate about collaborating with healthcare systems to offer life-changing proton therapy to cancer patients.

For healthcare systems, the greatest barrier to offering proton therapy is the cost and complexity of building a proton therapy center. Infinity Oncology Solutions works with healthcare systems to eliminate these barriers. We fuse innovative technology and industry expertise with an efficient financial model to offer effective, efficient, life-saving proton therapy.

Inifnity Oncology Solutions EcoSystem

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Infinity Oncology Solutions:

  • Provides capital and arranges financing
  • Oversees design, build and construction
  • Manage operations of the joint venture

Collectively, the Partners are responsible for:

  • Payor contracting
  • Marketing
  • QA/commissioning
  • Technology selection
  • Steering Committee oversight

Health systems retain all branding rights and are responsible for patient care, clinical management and oversight.

Current Proton Therapy Partner Clients

© 2023 Infinity Oncology Solutions

© 2022 Infinity Oncology Solutions