Infinity Oncology Solutions’ team includes experienced healthcare professionals with deep industry knowledge and a broad network of relationships that support our strategic partnership model and provide access to investment opportunities through proprietary sourcing channels. The Infinity Oncology Solutions team is comprised of key opinion leaders, accomplished executives, experienced operators, entrepreneurs, clinicians, consultants and visionaries with deep industry knowledge, complementary skills and domain expertise to support and enhance our activities

Neil Jesuele has had a 42 year career in the consumer packaged goods and healthcare industries. For the last 35 years he has worked in senior positions with Johnson & Johnson and the American Hospital Association operating in for profit and not-for-profit environments, including the government sector. Prior experience included NPD Research and Perception Research market research/consulting firms and Colgate-Palmolive.

He has had extensive experience in multiple disciplines and management environments spanning market research, business development, strategic planning and general management culminating as the AHA Executive Vice President of Leadership and Business Development and President of its For Profit Subsidiaries, Health Forum and AHA Services, Inc. In this capacity, he oversaw the development and growth of numerous companies, divisions and initiatives focused on governance (AHA Center for Healthcare Governance), quality and performance improvement (AHA Quality Center) , health information technology (National Alliance for Health Information Technology), health services research (Health Research and Education Trust), data, publishing and education (Health Forum, Inc), finance (Not-For-Profit Healthcare Investor Conference) and diversity and inclusion (Institute for Diversity) along with bringing Baldrige principles to AHA’s work processes. His earliest responsibilities were to reorganize and manage AHA Member Relations and develop the first AHA strategic plan and consolidated business plan.

At Johnson & Johnson he was instrumental in market development and strategic planning for J&J Hospital Services (now J&J Health Systems) which included working with a number of J&J corporate functions and was largely responsible for the seminal development of the J&J Business Development Council.

He has served on the Boards of the William and Mary Annual Fund, National Alliance for Health Information Technology, Health Forum, AHA Solutions, AHA Services, the AHA Center for Healthcare Governance, The Institute for Diversity and was the senior AHA executive at its governance committees–AHA Operations, Audit, Investment and Benefits. He presently serves on the board of directors of Bioscape Digital, Inc., a patient engagement and satisfaction technology business and is an AVIA Advisor, a health innovation and technology accelerator and Advisor with Pivot Health Advisors. He is also one of the principals of and J&J Studios.

Mr. Jesuele received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the College of William and Mary and an MBA in Finance and Marketing from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Executive education programs include: Duke Fuqua School, Northwestern Kellogg School of Management, and Harvard Business School.

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